We are an all-in creative production studio that provides content, production, and event services to individuals, brands, and storytellers. We aim to explore diverse perspectives of the human experience through visual storytelling while providing a space for storytellers, creators, and brands to grow.


While in graduate school, Director/Writer LaQuin Alexander wanted to create a company that celebrated diversity in all forms, highlighting stories that focus on our experiences as humans, allowing us to connect with one another authentically.


Being a woman of many interests, LaQuin wanted to combine all of them into one. Her love for storytelling whether through writing, directing, performance, or artistic work is what led her to Shaded Media. She wanted a company that could be all of these things and challenge her skills in ways she never thought of.  Having worked in various capacities in the film and television industry, LaQuin felt it was time to finally make this a reality. In March of 2018 she formally launched Shaded Media Group.


The New Deal takes place in the Nation of Erika, a world where everyone derived  from the 7 original tribes, all melanated. Like any other Nation, Erika is seemingly perfect on the outside but deeply troubled underneath the facade. In the film, we’re introduced to Liri and her community of TRIBERS. Known for their militant and anti-government attitude, TRIBERS aren’t the most popular but are the first group that residents turn to when things in Erika aren’t going as they should. As is tradition, Liri is about to take over her mother’s position in the community but is reluctant. After a peaceful community meeting gets bombarded by Erika’s police force, Liri is thrown right into the middle of the conflict and might be the only person who can save her people. Torn between the life she wants to live and the one she was born into, Liri is left with two choices, her life or her community.



Shaded.Live is our full service events and entertainment division. We specialize in film related events such as screenings and premiere/wrap parties, as well as workshops and conferences, pop ups, brunches, and live brand experiences. We aid clients from ideation to completion and handle all aspects of the event planning process. Lets create experiences that last a life time.


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