When we look at our ever changing world we realize just how much things have changed in a few short years. The internet and social media has shifted the way we consume content, creating new avenues of creation for artists and consumers to enjoy. Here at Shaded Media we embrace that. As a creative production agency we combine services from a traditional production studio and a creative agency to give brands a 360 advantage.

While in graduate school, Founder & Creative Director LaQuin Alexander wanted to create a company that celebrated diversity in all forms, highlighting stories that focus on our experiences as humans, first and foremost. At our very core, when you strip away all the unique and amazing layers of our identities, we are all just that, human. We can all relate to each other on some level. Shaded Media gravitates towards those stories and experiences that allow human beings to connect with one another authentically.

Being a woman of many interests, LaQuin wanted to combine all of them into one. Her love for storytelling whether through writing, directing, performance, or artistic work is what led her to Shaded Media. She wanted a company that could be all of these things and challenge her skills in ways she never thought of.  Having worked in various capacities in the film and television industry, LaQuin felt it was time to finally make this a reality. In March of 2018 she formally launched Shaded Media Group.

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