The New Deal

Drama | Development | Coming 2021

Erika (an all-Black world), is unlike any other Nation we know. Seemingly perfect on the outside but deeply troubled underneath the facade. Liri is a young girl who’s torn between the life she wants to live and the one she was born into. Living in a society where things aren’t always as they same, she’s left with two choices, her life or her community.  Due to a tradition that Liri desperately wants to break, she’s thrown right into the middle of the conflict and might be the only person who can save her people. View the look book.

Come From Far

Animation | Production | Coming 2021

Come From Far is a ground breaking animated short film about the stereotypes POC face in the workplace, and in general, in a world in which we just want to be recognized for what we are..Human.

View pitch

Inspired by the song Stereotypes by New Kingston


Horror | Post-Production | Coming Spring 2021

Feeling low because of her lack of success as a songwriter, a young woman signs up for yoga classes that end up taking a turn for the worse.


Suspense | 2019

Chantal and her partner, Maria, arrive at their daughter’s school for their everyday pick-up and are alarmed when the school is empty. EMPTY follows a mother’s harrowing journey as she tries to find her missing daughter in a Kafka-esque world. 

Watch the trailer.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Comedy | 2019

In this short film written and directed by Kareema Bee, a young professional changes her name on her resume in order to get the dream job she wants. 

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